Sportsmen's Foundation for Military Families

The Gill family

The Gill family

Thank you so much for helping make the most memorable event and special moments for my family by supporting the Sportsman’s Foundation.  Your generous donations allowed my loved ones to share together in a Wild Pig Hunt with Danny and Carla Santangelo at Okeechobee Outfitters.  This long distance travel, family gathering, and adventure would have been impossible without it, as we came from different locations within the United States.  Unfortunately, my son (SP4 James Gill) was not able to secure leave from the Army.

From the time we were selected to participate in this wonderful family hunt to the time we returned home, Danny, Carla and their son Chris took exceptional care of us.  The meals Carla made were phenomenal and coordination prior to our travel was spot-on.  Danny ensured all our needs were addressed and handled each to the minute detail.  Chris totally gave of himself, his personal equipment and unlimited time before, during and after the hunts.    It is exceeding obvious that they get-it.  While my serving our nation, flag and its people was the catalyst to be considered to participate in a Sportsman’s Foundation event, the family as a whole is the piece / part that truly needed the attention, togetherness and sharing.  We hunted together, laughed together and cried together.

Okeechobee Outfitters allowed us all to experience a fist, as none of us had ever been wild pig hunting before.  Christina and Joe harvested their first animals of any kind.  Dad (82 yrs) may have taken his last wild game?  Mike harvested a very nice pig with his bow (we searched for it as a family), and I was successful too.  The excitement, anticipation, hunts, adventures, togetherness, and the feeling of success and accomplishments for all are priceless.  Truly memories that will last a lifetime.

You and Okeechobee Outfitters made a significant difference for me and my family.  God Bless you for all that you have done, and what you will do in the future, as I am sure there are many more military veteran’s families that will be touched in a most positive way.   Merry Christmas.  Sincerely,

Col. (Ret.)  David M. Gill

PS. Attached are some pictures of a very happy family.

August 24, 2015