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The Roberts family

The Roberts family

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Dear veteran supporters,


My name is Jeffrey Roberts.  I went on a hunt recently to Okeechobee Outfitters with my wife and children.  I want to thank you for supporting veterans and for the donations that allow veterans to enjoy themselves.

I am a veteran of OIF and so is my wife.  I was a gunner for the Reconnaissance and Security Detachment, 215th BSB, 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division.  I spent over a year at FOB Warhorse in Baqubah, Iraq.  We went through a lot of things over there.

I was an avid hunter prior to enlisting in the military.  After I came back from Iraq I was afraid to go hunting.  I haven’t hunted prior to this trip in almost 10 years.  I was wary of the trip but my wife encouraged me that it was a good idea.  She was right.

The moment we got out of our vehicle at the ranch we were greeted like we were family.  Danny met us as we got out of our car and soon after I was on my way to the range with Keith.  Keith was our guide and was an awesome person to be around.  He made me feel right at home.  He helped me at the range due to the fact that I haven’t fired a rifle since I was discharged from the Army.  He was very patient and helpful.

Later I was put in a stand and a couple of hours later I got a good looking sow.  I was beyond excited.  My boys Haven, 6, and Axton, 4, thought the pig was amazing.  My entire family had a blast.  My oldest son went out with me one morning and he was beside himself with excitement.  We didn’t see anything to shoot that morning but we saw plenty of wildlife.  My wife and children were treated like they were family.  My boys went on a swamp buggy ride and they loved it!  I can’t say enough about Danny and Carla.  They were wonderful hosts and are wonderful people.  They were fantastic.  It the entire place is amazing!

I want to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful place.  I suffer from PTSD and TBI due to combat and several IED blasts.  Going hunting with a great guide, with great people made me feel somewhat at ease.  I struggle in daily life with certain situations.  This hunting trip has helped me more than you know.

Thank you again for this opportunity.  I want you to know that it is appreciated and you guys are doing great things!



The Roberts Family

August 24, 2015