Sportsmen's Foundation for Military Families

The Lurz and Anzalone families

The Lurz and Anzalone families

Mr. Fred Drasner,
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Masciarella
Mr. Scott Stoughton
Mr. Raich
Mr. Coppola
Mr. McGraw
Mr. David Boyden,

Thank you for your generosity and support to the Sportsmen Foundation for Military Families. This past weekend our families were invited to attend a Hog hunt through your patronage. What a great adventure we all had for the whole family. In 36 years of combined military service between our two families, neither of us have ever had such a great hunting experience which these words cannot replicate the gratitude we wish to express.

We would like you to know a bit about us and our families:

We both currently work at Special Operations Command – Central (SOCCENT) and our commands mission is to provide Command and Control for all Special Operations missions within the Middle East. Needless to say, we have been pretty busy lately.

MSgt Joe Lurz and family are avid hunters.   Joe is a United States Marine Corps. Non Commission Officer who has 18 years of military service with Marine Recon and Marine Special Operations Command. MSgt Lurz has multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Joe has a family of four including his wife Erika, son Ethan (15) and daughter Sydney (11). Leading the way in Marine Corps fashion, Erika on the night of our arrival engaged the first Hog of the hunt at 60 yards harvesting her first big game animal. Sydney the following evening followed in her mother’s steps with a 160 yard shot, coached by Dad, bringing the Lurz family score to 2 Hogs. That shot was Syndey’s first big game harvest as well. Joe and Ethan bow hunted the entire weekend and had a couple of good shot opportunities on hogs.

LTC Ron Anzalone loves hunting and fishing. Ron has a family of four as well with his wife Emily, daughter Nina (10) and son Sammy (7). His family is enthusiastic about the outdoors and took this opportunity to coach Nina into the sport. Ron has been in the U.S. Army for 18 years serving in the Infantry and Special Forces (Green Berets). Ron also has several tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Shortly, after Syndey’s great shot with the Lurz clan, Ron along with Nina engaged his first big game animal, a Hog at 100 yards getting the Anzalone’s onto the score board.

This entire trip was wonderful and offered both us and our families a well need break to relax, unwind and take part in an activity we both love. Between hunts we took tours on the Swamp Buggy looking at the exotic game freely roaming the area, had some archery competition, and even played some softball (both the girls are Softball Players). Emily and Sammy, who are not hunters, had a blast just relaxing in the fresh country air. The accommodations, chow and staff were first class adding to this great trip. Casey, Chris and Sandy made this a great family affair, Emily even commented that it felt like we were visiting our Aunt.

Thank you again for your support, this program is truly a great trip for a military family. We serve for our love of our Nation and its citizens. We serve not for recognition, admiration, or for a big pay check. We simply love our jobs and those who are on our left and right. Thank you for your contributions, which allow the foundation to host these hunts.


LTC Ron Anzalone and MSgt Joe Lurz

December 9, 2015