Sportsmen's Foundation for Military Families

The Tucker family

The Tucker family

A Very Big Thank you!!

To all at The Sportsmen’s Foundation for Military Families, recently you gave my brother Chad and I the wonderful opportunity to go on a guided hunt in Sampson County, NC. I wanted to take this time to thank you for everything you have done for me. The trip was a “huge success” in my book. For starters it gave me something to look forward too, which is something that for the longest time has been very hard to do.

The experience was just phenomenal in that it gave me the chance to share some stories and thoughts with great people and also helped bring my brother Chad and I closer together and share the experience of a lifetime. In part, Commander Barry Hull was a tremendous companion to hunt with and we were able to share some familiar experiences with each other and talk a bit about the military and our own personal experiences. I think that many veterans in the healing process from combat related injuries would benefit greatly from an experience like this. I know that I did.

As you might know already we had some bad weather while there. Hurricane Ida hit the coast the day after we arrived at Buffalo Creek. There were high winds, a ton of rain, and some chilly temperatures for the remainder of the week. But, we were able to harvest several whitetail deer, and my prize trophy possum which will be stuffed and put in my living room to bring back those memories for many years to come. Well it probably is not a real trophy to most, but it was the first one I had ever seen so it definitely has a spot in my trophy book.

All in all, it was just a great time and once again I want to thank everyone who took part in making this happen for me. If there is ever anything that I might be able to do for any of you please let me know. Thanks again and happy hunting!!!

– Justin T., USMC

August 24, 2015