Sportsmen's Foundation for Military Families

The Crane family

The Crane family

Thanks to all of you for supporting The Sportsman’s Foundation for Military
Families.  Upon return from my deployment to Afghanistan I was blessed with
an opportunity to take my family to Florida and hunt for hogs, alligator and
exotics.  We had never hunted together as a family so this was truly a unique
and valuable experience.  My wife was able to shoot her first wild hog and I
blew a chance on a nice alligator.  My two girls loved spending time with us
in the woods and playing around the lodge.  As a veteran of 21 years and
three combat tours, I want to say thank you for this experience!  We still
talk about our trip to Florida and maintain contact with Danny and Carla.
They are some of the best hosts I have ever had the privilege to visit and
their dedication to their foundation is remarkable.

Thanks again for the support you give and the memories you help make.  It is
awesome that we live in a country where individuals, such as yourselves, give
so freely to support the military.  I am scheduled to return to Afghanistan
next fall and you can bet my pictures from my time with The Sportsman’s
Foundation will be with me.  Attached is a picture of my beautiful wife,
Priscilla, returning from her hog hunt and a picture of me and my littlest
girl, Leila, riding around looking for hogs.


Shilo Crane
S3 AIR, 1-121 IN

August 24, 2015