Sportsmen's Foundation for Military Families

The Kelley family

The Kelley family

From Steven Kelley and family:

I am writing to thank you for your generosity in making such a wonderful time possible for my family and I through the Sportsman’s Foundation for Military Families.   There are a few opportunities out there for wounded Veterans like myself for different events but this is the only one I know of that includes the family members who suffered and supported at home.

We chose the offshore fishing and Coyote hunting option; as neither my wife nor daughter had ever been offshore fishing and only limited fishing.  Although I saw no coyote; this was secondary to the real adventure of getting the two ladies on the open water and enjoying the fun there.

The three day adventure was top shelf from start to finish.  From the five star meals and accommodations to the world class guides, crew and equipment, The SantAngelos and all of the people we encountered with Sportsman’s Foundation for Military Families went above and beyond to ensure we had a quality adventure.  Once again thank you for your generous support that allowed my family and allows many other Veterans and their families experiences possible.

This is how our weekend went:
We arrived on Friday around 2pm with the rain and a nice breeze blowing on the porch.  We picked our cabins, unloaded the car and enjoyed the nice weather on the porch for a little while.

I went out coyote hunting while the girls stayed relaxing at the cabins; a lot of deer and turkey, followed some bobcat tracks to no avail, and no coyote but a good time trying, sat in two separate places trying to call.  Arrived back around dark to a wonderful meal ready to eat mostly wild game, ate and talked about the plans for the next day.  Sat outside rocking on the porch enjoying the cool night and went to bed.

Saturday; woke up early dressed, ate a quick breakfast, and packed out for the east coast, ready for a day of fishing in the Atlantic.  Arrived at the harbor and got to watch boats being taken from dry storage by giant forklift and placed into water including our, boarded and were on our way.

Started with some trolling in deeper water for Mahi with no luck and then moved closer inland where we struck gold.  Lots of bites, everyone got something, my daughter even hooked a shark which the crew helped her bring along side for pictures before cutting it loose.

We had lunch on the boat, and managed to avoid the rain until idling into the harbor in which we caught a torrential down pour but; stayed in good spirits.  Loaded up and returned back to Lorida, did photo ops and Danny and crew cleaned and filleted the fish in quick time.  I passed on going out again for coyote hunting due to the late hour and being spent from being in the sun all day.

Cleaned up and relaxed outside before having another excellent meal and turning in for the evening.
Sunday; woke up early again and headed out looking for what had been so far and would prove to be elusive coyote, spotted several wild hogs, deer, and turkey.

Arrived back at camp to a wonderful breakfast, packed the car and cooler and said our goodbyes and headed home with some great memories.


Steven, Candice, and Felicia Kelley
Gainesville, FL

August 25, 2015