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The De León Family

The De León Family

Good evening Danny and Carla, I am reaching out to let you know that my family and I are grateful for this amazing weekend. We had a great time and we are glad that we were able to meet the great family you have there like Trey, Casey, Keith, Ken, and also some of the other great hunters we were able to meet like the Garza family. You guys put this together in such an awesome way that I truly was able to take my mind away from the military and the va and focus on my family, your family, and this great experience. My family can’t stop talking about it, seeing them laugh and enjoy themselves makes me happy. Thank you and I hope that we are able to come back again.

I will definitely be taking the opportunity in the near future to go back out fishing with Ken, my wife is telling everyone about the fact that she caught a Nurse Shark. We took lots of pics so I will be sending them your way on this email and a couple more since they will not all fit in one email.

Lastly, I know we spoke about the Gator Tag lottery, if you could please let me know what this process is, I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you, god bless you, and I can only hope that I am able to continue learning these great traditions, teaching them to my children so that they can pass them down to their children, then I can be like Danny, watching my grandchildren handle their own boars. Have a great night SantAngelo Family!

June 27, 2017