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Sportsmen’s Foundation for Military Families (SFMF

The Sportsmen’s Foundation for Military Families (SFMF), an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is established to provide military families a chance to participate in the outdoor sports. Any military family of the United States Armed Forces, or an immediate family member of a veteran killed in combat, is eligible to apply. Our outdoor adventures have proven to be extremely therapeutic.

Participation is not limited to those who have been wounded in battle.  Any military family may apply. All outdoor adventures are professionally guided.

Who We Are - Foundation Directors

Danny Santangelo

Danny Santangello, born in Dearborn, Michigan in 1965, as a young boy moved with his family to Loxahatchee, Florida and grew up enjoying hunting and fishing. During his adolescent years he made extra money guiding turkey, boar, and alligator hunters in the local area.

As a young adult Danny owned and operated a dry wall construction business as well as a combination gas station/feed and ranch supplies/restaurant retail shopping store. Danny continued to guide hunts even while operating his other businesses. In 1993 he sold his retail and construction ventures and engaged full time in his outfitting business.

He opened The Brady Ranch in south Florida specializing in Osceola turkey, hog, alligator, whitetail deer, and many exotic game species to include a herd of 7,500 axis deer. Danny is considered the premier destination for Osceola turkey hunting and has clients from all over the world.

In the mid 1990’s Danny was approached by the Special Youth Challenge and asked if he would be able to accommodate disabled children on his guided hunts. Danny accepted the request and has since become one of the few outfitters able to provide safe, professional, enjoyable hunts for the disabled. No matter what the disability or injury, Danny is able to accommodate the hunter. He has had blind hunters, quadriplegic hunters, burned hunters, and hunters without limbs, arms, legs, or both. Danny has carried hunters on his back when dictated by the situation. Danny Santangello is now considered an expert, possibly the top expert, in providing hunts for the disabled, sick, and injured.

Danny and The Brady Ranch have been, and continue to be, featured in the media. Danny is a regular on shows sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Jim Zumbo Outdoors, Track and Trail Outdoors with Wally Dallenbach, and many others. Danny and The Brady Ranch have been seen on ESPN2, Outdoor Channel, Versus (formerly OLN), The Pursuit Channel, Fox Sports Network, and the Sportsman’s Channel. He is continually sought after for his expertise, good nature, and his unique ability to provide a fantastic experience for hunters of all abilities.

Danny and his wife Carla have five children. They attend Freedom Ranch Ministries.

CDR Barry W. Hull, USNR (Retired)

Barry Hull grew up enjoying the outdoors, hunting, and hunting related activities. He is a retired U.S. Navy Commander, F/A-18 Hornet pilot, combat decorated during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Hull flew on the first night strike of Desert Storm and throughout the remainder of the Gulf War. He has received the Naval Meritorious Service Medal for exemplary performance while serving as Commanding Officer, Air Medals, and Navy Commendations with Valor, Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, along with various Unit Commendations, and has landings aboard a variety of aircraft carriers, including the USS Saratoga. Hull retired from military service in September 2008, his final naval tour as a Naval Reservist assigned to the Supreme Allied Command.

Hull is a senior partner with Athena Assessment Inc., based in Greenville, South Carolina. Athena provides consulting services throughout the United States to organizations and individuals as it relates to the measurement and improvement of judgment, decision-making, stress, and coping skills. He is also a partner with the consulting firm Pilot Judgment Inc.

He is an MD-80 pilot with American Airlines. In addition to American Airlines he enjoys general aviation flying. He has flown church groups, wounded veterans, and organ transplant patients.

He has been a military analyst for Fox News, appearing numerous times on major and cable television networks. Hull has been featured on 60 Minutes II, History Channel, Discovery Channel; as well as a variety of newspapers, radio stations, and other media outlets, locally, nationally, and internationally. Speaking often at civic, service, and educational organizations, and having participated in numerous military documentaries, Hull offers his unique perspective. Throughout his life he has participated in many outdoor activities and is an avid hunter and conservationist.

He and his wife are enthusiastic travelers, and enjoy flying in their private plane to locations across North America.

Wayne Merck

Wayne Merck is a Strategy and Operations Executive with experience in managing multiple brands, categories and distribution channels for long-term growth, and served as President of K2 Inc. (NYSE – KTO) since November 2003 and ultimately Chief Executive Officer and Director in 2007.

Merck led the successful sale and integration of K2 Inc. with Jarden Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company in 2008. During his tenure, he established K2 Inc.’s extensive global manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, sales and distribution structure throughout north America, Europe, and Asia and successfully led the acquisition and integration of over 25 sporting goods businesses in the US and Europe, increasing revenue from $600 million to over $1.5 billion. Merck served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of K2 Inc. from October 2002, Executive Vice President of Operations from 2000, and Vice President of the Company since 1996. Since 1992 Merck served as President of numerous business units owned by K2 Inc. including Shakespeare Composites & Electronics (South Carolina), Anthony Pools (Los Angeles), K2 Sports (Seattle), and Rawlings (St. Louis), after initially joining the company in 1991 as Director of Manufacturing for Shakespeare Company.

Prior to joining K2 Inc., he held various managerial positions with Milliken & Co., including Plant Manager.

Merck grew up in rural South Carolina and has enjoyed hunting and outdoor activities throughout his life. He brings to the Sportsmen’s Foundation an abundance of corporate and financial knowledge and strategy to help carry out our mission with great fiscal acumen and responsibility.